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Frequently Asked Questions

Is development still active? Why was it on hold?

Since the team is primarily made up of volunteers a lot of us had to put this project on the back burner for quite some time. Many of us were graduating and dealing with COVID during 2020. The project will likely continue development towards the beginning of 2022. However, no firm plans have been made. 

Where can we track progress?

Our discord is the best place to track progress, but updates will be posted frequently on this website's blog.

What happened to the moderation team?

Moderation team was dissolved and applications will likely not open back up. Developers will be in charge of moderation and one community manager will take over final decisions.

What engine is being used?

Unreal Engine 4

Can I play on a Mac?

Windows machine will be the launch. I highly doubt we would consider chrome book given how very different the OS is. Linux would be next, I don't foresee Mac, however.

Will the game be free to play?


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