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Development Resumed

Updated: Nov 2, 2021

Good Morning,

I am excited to anounce the long awaited revival of this project. Below is some information regarding what's happening now. Another blog post will be added in the coming days with an overview of the future and what we hope to accomplish in the next year.


Some of you may have noticed that the moderation team was dissolved last spring. This is for the simple fact — there was nothing to moderate. Applications will not open until needed. Developers will be in charge of moderation and one community manager will take over final decisions and event organizing.



Kthco, Mac, and Artorius have stepped away and been awarded the supporter role. Thank you for everything you guys have done! You have helped pathe the way to our success and we wish you luck on all your future endeavors.

We welcome our new developer who will be anounced with the next blog post. A very bright guy who will help give this project the momentum and educated hand it needs to be released.



We are on the hunt for a new community manager. Duties will include moderating the community as well as planning and hosting events. Our ideal candidate is someone with prior experience and good writing skills. This a volunteer position, with potential to earn digital perks.

Developer positions are also open. We are looking for 2D concept artists who can pathe their own path and come up with unique ideas. And 3D artists who have experience with UE4.

For more information and to apply send a message to Grandma #9989 on Discord.


Looking back, we accomplished a lot and weren't that far from having a demo releasable.

I think there was a lot we were trying to do at one time rather than taking progress in steps. Now with some new focus and more guidance — this project is bound to succeed.

The community has been so patient and supportive over the past years and it is a huge motivator. Thank you for your continued to support, we appreciate you a lot.

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